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"That must have been the best performance of music at a Latin Mass."

"The Rudgate Singers - a visiting choir from Yorkshire - were impressive, we're assured."

"'The event, which 200 or so enjoyed, added an aesthetic value to the spiritual dimension of the Mass We loved the Palestrina - thank you very much and congratulations! The music and the setting made the event quite other-worldly."

"May I thank you all for your excellent performance at Pickering Castle."
"I think that I have just about come back down to earth now after what has to have been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. On more than one occasion in the Mass I felt moved to the point of tears."

"One lady came up to me in the car park after Mass and told me that she felt that she had been in Heaven...."

"Delighted to hear of your success."

"Excellent feedback from everyone, especially the parishioners."
Allerton Bywater
" Conversation overheard between two ladies while we were singing... "It's lovely in't it!"."